Mission, Vision, & Values



Make disciples of Jesus Christ who are sent together on mission to make disciples and transform communities


Be a multicultural congregation made up of reproducing missional communities that experience life together on mission in their neighborhoods, workplaces and campuses. This church would equip people to be missionaries in their workplace, reach Caltech students and faculty, and train future church planters. The church would be lead by a multi-gifted team and model shared leadership


biblical empowerment – God’s Word gives us power for daily life as it is clearly preached, regularly read, and boldly spoken to one another.  Over time, God’s story in Scripture reshapes our story and identity and impact in the world.

gospel fluency – the gospel is the power by which unbelievers are reconciled with God, believers experience ongoing transformation, and cities are renewed. As we learn to speak and apply the gospel in every area, we view our whole life a response to what God has already done for us in Jesus Christ.

authentic community – the gospel redeems people from individualism to interdependence by forming a Spirit-led community that follows Christ together. The unity and diversity of this extended family demonstrates Christ’s power to reconcile.

missional living – God sends communities of believers on mission together to share the gospel by tangibly embodying Christ in their neighborhoods, workplaces and campuses. The shared life of these missional communities draws others to faith in Christ.