Missio Team at Caltech

Missio Team at Caltech


Missio believes that bringing our questions and doubts to our faith journey strengthens faith and pleases God. And we see the honest struggle with those questions as part of our mission as Christ followers who are sent on mission to minister to people with doubts and questions. Our focus includes connecting with students and scientists at Caltech, JPL, and beyond.

“Missio” is the Latin word for mission, and it captures how we see ourselves as people sent by Christ to be on mission together in the community and world.

We value having children in the worship service and an activity packet is provided for them.

Missio Community Church is part of a Presbyterian denomination called ECO, whose mission is “to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Science And Faith Examined

Missio is the lead organizer of the Science And Faith Examined (SAFE) ministry, which helps Caltech students, staff, faculty, and community members to integrate biblical faith and science.

Racial Reconciliation

Missio is deeply concerned about living out the deep connection between faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to racial reconciliation. Towards that end, we have established a relationship with an African American church in Pasadena and meet with them regularly for relationships and conversation. We also host "Cultural Curiosity" discussion groups which help inspire neighborhood conversation about culture and race from a biblical perspective.